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1. Name - The club shall be known as, Monaghan Camera Club




2.1 To preserve the character, history and traditions of Monaghan Camera Club and to        

       interpret their physical environment.


2.2 Affiliation – The club is affiliated to The Irish Photographic Federation {IPF}

2.3 To promote and maintain public interest and participation in the above.

2.4 To liaise and co-operate with, and assist all bodies with similar interests and pursuits, and          

       to affiliate to such bodies where it would be in the interests of the Club to do so.


2.5 To organise competitive and non-competitive events for the participation and enjoyment  

        of all members.


2.6 To arrange regular meetings of the club, which may take the form of lectures,

        exhibitions, seminars, or any other activity that may be of interest to members, and to  

        levy such charges for attendance as may be decided appropriate by the Committee.




3.1 Membership shall be open to all persons over the age of eighteen who are interested in

       furthering the work of the club. The Committee has the right to turn down applications  

       for membership.


3.2 Membership fee is to be determined at the Annual General Meeting {AGM] and shall be   

       payable at the start of each club year, or by arrangement with the Treasurer.


3.3 Membership fee is to be paid in order to enter any club competitions.


3.4 The club shall maintain insurance cover in accordance with the recommendation of the

       The Irish Photographic Federation {IPF}. The insurance must be sufficient to cover all         

       the activities of the club and protect all members of the committee from any claims.


Management of the club.


4.1 The management of Monaghan Camera Club shall be vested in a Committee of

       Management to be elected by the membership annually at an Annual General Meeting



4.2 The Committee shall include the offices of:

       Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson

       Secretary and Assistant Secretary

       Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer

       Competitions/Speakers Coordinator

       IT Officer and PRO



       Members may hold more than one office concurrently. At any meeting, eight members    

       including the Chairperson or the Vice-Chairperson or the Secretary shall form a quorum.


4.3 The members of the Committee shall retire on a three-year rotational basis but may offer themselves for re-election in a different officer position as often as they wish. If nobody     else is willing to take on a particular position, when the person in a position has served for three years, they may be reappointed to the position by a majority vote of the members on a year by year basis.


4.4 The Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall present reports to the Members at least once each year at the AGM.


4.5  Sub-Committees. The Committee shall have the power to appoint such Sub-Committees

 from the membership as may from time to time be decided, to determine their terms of

 reference and powers, and to terminate them on completion of their remit. Decisions of each subcommittee must be presented to the Monaghan Camera Club Committee for ratification before enactment.




5.1  The Committee shall meet at least four times per year. Minutes of each meeting and a

       copy of the Treasurer's report shall be kept by the Secretary. The Minutes and Accounts

       shall be filed chronologically.


5.2  The A.G.M. will be held annually at the end of each season and shall be publicly  

       advertised in the local press and other media outlets ten days prior to the date of the   



5.3 Special General Meetings may be called at any time by the Chairperson and Secretary,    

       such meetings being advertised publicly in the local press, specifying the business for   

       which such a Special General Meeting is called.


5.4  An Extra-Ordinary General Meeting may be called at any time at the written request of

       eight members, on twenty-one days’ notice being given to the Secretary, specifying the          

       business for which an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting is being called. All Extra- 

       Ordinary General Meetings shall be publicly advertised in the local press and other

       media outlets fourteen days prior to the date of such a meeting.




6.1  All monies raised by, or on behalf of, the Club will be used for the furtherance of the club objective and for no other purpose. The preceding provision shall not, however, prevent the payment of reasonable and proper expenses to a Club member acting on behalf of the   

Club with the Committee's consent.


       The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts and pay all monies not immediately required  

        into a Bank or Building Club account in the name of Monaghan Camera Club.

       The accounts will be examined once a year by the members at the A.G.M.

       Monaghan Camera Club shall have the power to obtain, collect, and receive money and  

       funds by means of contributions, donations, subscriptions, deeds of covenant, legacies,  

       grants or any other lawful method.


6.2  Control of assets and funds shall be vested in the Committee and administered under its  

       control by the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. Authority to draw cheques on behalf of  

       the Club shall be vested in three appointed members and the Treasurer. All cheques shall   

       be endorsed by any two of the foregoing members.


6.3  The Committee shall have the power to borrow money.


6.4  The financial year shall run from club year commencing time {September} trought to the Annual General Meeting.




7.1  Papers. All members shall be entitled to a copy of papers presented to the Club as a  

       result of research undertaken by members in the name of the Club at a price to be

       determined by the Committee.


7.2  Research. No member shall commit Monaghan Camera Club to any course of action,

       without the approval of the Committee.


7.3  Lectures, Film Shows, etc. No lectures, film shows, discussions, or public meetings may

       be given or held in the name of the Club, and no documents or possessions of the Club

       may be used for such purposes, without the express approval of the Committee.


7.4 In the event of a query or dispute the following procedure should be followed:

The nature of the complaint should be notified in writing to the Chairperson or the      Secretary who will informally try to resolve the issue. If the complaint cannot be 

       satisfactorily resolved in this way, the Committee will appoint two members of the  

       committee who will investigate and give a ruling to the full Committee. The

       result of any such ruling shall be binding upon all parties.






8.1  If the Committee decides by majority that, on the grounds of expense or otherwise, it is

       necessary to discontinue the Club, a meeting shall be called of all members, being

       given not less than 21 days' clear notice, and detailing the proposal.


8.2  The Club shall be deemed to have been dissolved in the event of no A.G.M. having been

       held for three years.


8.3  In the event of dissolution, the Committee shall have the power to dispose of any assets

       held, after the settlement of any debts or liabilities, to a local group with similar aims and

       objectives of a heritage nature.




9.1 Amendments to the Constitution


Every Member of the Monaghan Camera Club has the right to receive a copy of the

constitution. This constitution shall not be altered or rescinded except at a General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meeting, of the Club, consequent upon the reasons for such a change having been made in writing to the Chairperson of the Club, and endorsed by the signatures of at least five

Members, who express agreement with such alterations, and then only with the consent of at least two-thirds of the membership present entitled to vote. Amendments should be in the hands of the Secretary at least 21 days before the meeting at which the change is to be discussed.

This was adopted as the ratified Constitution of Monaghan Camera Club at a Committee

Meeting held  by Zoom on Tuesday 17th August 2021.

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