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Season 2021-2022


There are 6 main competitions in the Camera Club Season as follows:

  1. Photographer of the Year (POY) –

2 open rounds (1 B&W, 1 colour) and 4 themed rounds

           Entries in 4 Categories as follows:

         Novice (and Newcomers); Intermediate; Advanced and Top 9

Please note:-We hope to approach local businesses with a view to having a Perpetual Trophy for each category of this competition for the overall winner and also a small plaque if/when funds are available.

Certificates will be awarded for First Place in each category of each round of the POY Competition


  1. Sports Competition


  1. Monaghan Landscape and Heritage Competition


  1. Audio Visual (AV) Competition (no more than 3 mins long).


  1. Projected Image Competition.


  1. End of year: Slattery Cup: open to “Top 9” and “Advanced” members

                                Westenra Cup: open to Intermediate, Novice and Newcomers.  


For competition purposes there are 4 categories: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Top 9

1. A new member is in the Novice category but is classed a Newcomer for his/her first year in the club for the purpose of competing for the award of Best Newcomer.

2. The winner and runner up in the POY Novice Category will move into the Intermediate Category

3. The winner and runner up in the POY Intermediate section will move into the Advanced Category.

4. Advanced members who have the highest scores over the past numbers of years will make the new TOP 9 Category. Each year, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the Advanced Category will join the TOP 9 Category. Those who are placed 7th, 8th and 9th in the TOP 9 will re-join the Advanced Category.

In the event of a tie in the POY, the title will be shared.

The winner of the Westenra Cup can move into the Advanced section if they so wish.

The winner of the Westenra Cup will also automatically be eligible to win the Slattey Cup






1. Photos can be taken on any device.

2. Competitions are open to all fully paid members of Monaghan Camera Club.

3. All images must be entirely the entrant’s own unaided work ie: not taken at a workshop or photoshoot and no third party editing is permitted. 

4. Each image must be unique and not previously entered, in any format, (this includes converting an image from colour into black and white and vice versa) into the chosen competition.

5. Images must not have been previously entered in competitions at Camera Club Level, in this or any other Camera Club/ Photographic Society. However an image used in Monaghan Camera Club Photographer of The Year competition may be entered into the Westenra and Slattery Competitions of same season. Any new image entered into the Westenra and Slattery Competitions may also be entered into any future club competition. Images which have been entered in the Sports or Monaghan Landscape and Heritage competitions may also be entered in the Slattery or Westenra competition.

6. Digital images must be submitted on time as jpeg files no larger than 6mb and the file must be renamed as your club membership number. Images must be entered with all file information/properties/metadata intact.

7. Printed Images can be of any size but must be mounted on board size 16” x 12” (available from the club).

8. Images must not have a watermark or date stamp on them.

9. If an entrant is found to be in breach of the Rules, they will forfeit the marks allocated for that round/competition. 


Please note:  Images will be displayed on the club website and Facebook page so please advise the committee in writing if you do not wish your image to be featured. It is the member’s own responsibility to get any necessary permission to show his/her image publicly

Any issue with an image entered or a general concern about the competitions should be put to the Chairperson privately to be discussed and dealt with by the competitions committee.

Competition rules will be reviewed by each new committee after the AGM.

Any additions or suggestions regarding these rules should be forwarded by email to at least 21 days before the AGM.

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